Patru ani mai târziu

brave bastards

Yep! Yep yep yep!

Cred că și ultimii ani cu experiențele pe care le-au adus, mă fac să cred că viața de-abia acum începe. And it feels nice!

Am găsit și cum cooperam eu cu conștientizarea despre maxilare și ce răspundeam pe Reddit curioșilor:

“Hello! I’m four months post op, talking, laughing, eating, smiling and enjoying life. My experience was way better than I was expecting. I thought it would be worse than wisdom teeth extraction (which was awful in my case), but this was way better. I had no pain and realizing that everything(nausea, bleeding, swelling) will pass in a few days/weeks, helped me to recover quickly. Don’t worry, you will be able to breathe through your mouth, I think there’s no such thing as asphyxiating from jaw surgery. My top tip is to prepare your mind. Of course, it sounds scary that your facial bones will be fractured, but it’s all happening in a controlled environment, with a trustful surgeon. The techniques they are using were invented in 1900, so by this time all is perfectioned. I found out almost by mistake that I needed jaw surgery, so I had major issues accepting my diagnosis, and all the process happened so fast. (1 year) In the end, it was an exciting experience. You deserve to have a better life quality, and that’s what jaw surgery will bring to you! It’s just an improvement. To cope with my recovery I started a blog. It’s in romanian and I don’t know if it helps, but I’ll leave it here.” 

:))Încă cred la fel!


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